Interview with Philip Luque – by Debs Leonard


Interview with Philip Luque – Director of Makeup Artistry and International TrainerYoungblood Make Up Launch for Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics.

I had the greatest pleasure recently to spend the day with Philip Luque International Makeup Artist for Youngblood Cosmetics.  It was a day jam packed with press interviews, photo calls, a spot of lunch and a couple of sips of Prosecco.  What impressed me most about Philip, is his professional attitude and unwavering enthusiasm for the Brand he represents.  With so many new makeup and skin care brands sprouting up all over the place, what make’s Youngblood standout.  Well, lots really, but I’ll let Philip tell you.

Debs:  Philip with so many makeup brands popping up everywhere, in your words what sets Youngblood Apart from the rest of the colour gangs?

Philip:  Simple really, Youngblood is much more than a makeup, it’s also a skin care product that can be used on all skin types.  It’s free from Parabens, Animal byproducts (making it vegan) which is a hard claim for most brands these days.  There’s no talc, mineral oil, fragrance, toxins which is great for women with hyper-sensitive skins.  The packaging is also recyclable making it an Eco friendly brand and that’s just for starters.

Debs:  I love a beauty brand that has not just a heart but a conscience too.  Tell us a bit about Pauline Youngblood, the Founder of Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics.

Philip:  Pauline’s background is as a medical aesthetician. During her career she regularly met patients who had severely traumatized skin from harsh laser treatments, acne, rosacea and cosmetic surgeries. It generally took these patients over six months before their skin repaired and Pauline wasn’t satisfied with the makeup options available. She decided to work with chemists to develop a product that could cover raw, inflamed or discoloured skin, while allowing it to breathe and heal. This led to her initial work with natural mineral cosmetics.  After formulating her first loose mineral powder, she gave it to her patients who experienced dramatic success.  The coverage was excellent, naturally pigmented and didn’t clog there skin.  Her foundation became in demand and the rest is history.  Pauline founded Youngblood in 1996.


Debs:  That’s an inspiring story, and one which a number of my readers who suffer from skin problems can really relate to.  Of all the products in the range Philip, what is your favourite?

Philip:  Again, this is easy, it’s the loose Mineralise Foundation.  To be honest I worked with a number of top brands before and the word ‘mineral’ didn’t do it for me.  However, I was encouraged to give it a try by a colleague and excuse the pun but on first try…it had me at ‘hello’.

Debs:  What’s your favourite makeup trend for Spring 2014?

Philip:  It’s all about the eyes.  The cat eyeliner look is making a comeback and Youngblood have a fabulous range of Long Wearing Gel Liners, Eyeliner Pencils and to make the eye pop a gorgeous Illuminating Eye Pencil.

Debs:  I love my lipstick’s what’s your favourite in the collection?

Philip: Tangelo!  On a recent trip to one of our stores, Beyoncé fell in love with Tangelo and bought loads.  Orange is trending big time for 2014 so a great key item for spring.  Oh, and ‘Debilicious’, a sultry pink.

Debs:  I’ll take the Debilicious thank you.  Lastly, what would be your five key items for the bride’s beauty bag?

Philip: Firstly, The Youngblood ‘kabuki brush’ – a must for a flawless finish with the mineral foundation.  Mineral’s in the Mist – A fabulous facial toner that comes in five scents; I’m partial to the Citrus Grapefruit one.  Our Mineralise Bronzer as the golden glow is another big trend; The Mineralise Foundation of course and finally the Long Wearing Gel liners, a must for all brides.


Interview by Deborah Leonard, Beauty Editor, Irish Wedding Diary Magazine